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Because the posts are deleted from the clubs after 3 months, I decided to put a the library on Geocities. Not everything has not been uploaded to the quitnetlibrary as of yet, but this is a start. As I discover the actual author and date of a particular article, I will add that. I hope you enjoy. Valerie

I want to thank the person who started the library in the clubs. I believe that it was Laurap414 but I am not positive so if anyone has that answer, please let me know.

Thank you to the following people: nicless, windsong, pepper38mint, csavage, leejay, all30, msdeenee, Gagnon,and anyone else who provided information when I posted for help.

I'd especially like to thank those who wrote the post to start with because with out them, there would be no library to help others in their goal of quitting smoking. Also, thank you to those who felt these posts were important enough to repost.

I have changed the site of my files, so if you have problems, please qmail me.

Finally, thank you TerriGiunta for making an abc listing of the items in the library.

PS. The above picture was made by kate, from my psp group.

Ok, now off to the library we go.

If you are one of the poor souls feeling left without a home in the Q,
here is a new for QuitNet refugees.
Please sign up and spread the word so we can catch people
before they come here to say goodbye and leave forever!
Already over 400 Q'sters have joined and it's really
starting to feel like home now!

The 3 post rule!
Attention Newbies
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Barb's Miracle - Quit Smoking NOW!
In memory of Barb Tarbox (1962 -2003). Barb Tarbox speaks
For video's of Barb, search for her on youtube.

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Bill Fread has passed away so some of his links may not work.
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Bonfire History

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The Celtic Crone - Oldie but a Goodie!
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Flintstones tv commercial promotes smoking

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Health consequences
of smoking

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Mikeb380 has passed away so some of his links may not work.
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Thanks ((((((Murky))))) Murky's site doesn't work anymore but I had saved a copy of it on my computer. If you click on it, it will down load to your computer. It is safe.

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Quitnet birthdays and other links
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quitnet_profiles The profiles are under construct and only those who have signed up for the new Q or been moved over by the staff (members who have passed) will be on the list. I'll be working on it though... never fear. logosize1

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RUBYREAD 's quit smoking site
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Sean Marsee

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Smoking by the clock

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Television Ads.

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Useful cigarette facts
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Humor.... what_really_happens what_todo_on_breaks what2expect whats_happening

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learn about Zinc


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Hi. the following pages have not been added to this site yet.
as soon as they are added, they will be moved above ... thanks. Valerie

Creating A List of Reasons Why You Quit 5/16/02

How Would You Deal With the Following Situations? 7/23/02

Useless!!! (A Post For Anyone Thinking a cig will get them through) - repost from Social Scientist 5/17/02

Valerie (aka purplkoala) 10/20/2002
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